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Best Flash Site Winners

The winners in each category, along with the People’s Choice Award, were announced at the Flashforward Film Festival Awards Ceremony on September 19, 2007. View Here: http://www.flashforwardconference.com/winners

Past Flash Film Festival Austin 2006 Winners:

Art: 15×15
Cartoon: The YuYu
Commerce: Reisenthel Accessories
Experience: Design Your Own Radio
Game: Death in Sakkara
Instructional: GeeGuides
Motion Graphics: M5
Narrative: The Ball of Bastards
Navigation: Big Ideas Come Out of Big Pencils
Online Application: Orange Phone Wizard
Original Sound: Samorost2
Technical Merit: Flash Commodore 64 Emulator
3D: CuberXtreme
Typography: iriver: Heart to Heart
Video: Nike Women Rockstar Workout—Hip Hop
People’s Choice: The Fan

Flash Film Festival Seattle 2006 Winners:

Art: 99rooms
Cartoon: Little Foot
Commerce: Tazo Tea
Experimental: Gallery Incomplet
Game: Dofus: Tactical MMORPG
Instructional: Curating the City: Wilshire Blvd.
Motion Graphics: The Havaianas
Narrative: Shakespeare Murder Mystery
Navigation: MoMA: Contemporary Voices
Online Application: The Bad Luck Test
Original Sound: Guitar Shred Show
Technical Merit: Road Runner Portal
3D: Casio G’zOne
Typography: Words At Play
Video: Ikea Dream Kitchen
People’s Choice: Dofus: Tactical MMORPG

Flash Film Festival New York 2005 Winners:

Application: UK General Elections
Art: Oculart
Cartoon: Manege Frei
Commerce: Emerald Nuts
Educational: gotoAndLearn()
Experimental: Amaztype
Game: Laser Envy
Motion Graphics: tokyoplastic
Navigation: Saints and Soldiers
Original Sound: Flowering of Forgotten Gifts
Story: Craziest
Technical Merit: Ten by Ten
3D: Power Bright
Typography: Type Drawing
Video: Bill Harvey Music
People’s Choice: Conclave Obscurum

Flash Film Festival San Francisco 2005 Winners:

Application: Moonfruit
Art: Promenade the Puzzle
Cartoon: Prowlies at the River
Commerce: Muzak
Educational: SparkTop
Experimental: Ze Frank
Game: ContiBackFour
Motion Graphics: Microsoft Realizing Potential
Navigation: JC The Store
Original Sound: Johnny Hollow
Story: Eyes on the War
Technical Merit: Ingris TMS
3D: Ingreme
Typography: Barracks Stove
Video: Boula Burton
People’s Choice: RSVP

Flash Film Festival New York 2004 Winners:

APPLICATION: Treeplanner
ART: Weapons of Mass Destruction
CARTOON: Rendezvous With Candycracker
COMMERCE: Dockers Europe
GAME: Microlife
NAVIGATION: Jac Ziesmer Styling
ORIGINAL SOUND: Nike Lab Holiday
STORY: Julia 1926
3D: Drum Machine
TYPOGRAPHY: Fuel Industries
VIDEO: Volvo V50
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: Bomb the World

Flash Film Festival San Francisco 2004 Winners:

APPLICATION: Stampede Cattle
ART: Sonata for the Unaware
COMMERCE: 24-7 Media
EDUCATIONAL: Virtual Knee Surgery
GAME: Chasm
NAVIGATION: XBox – Play More
STORY: Winged Sandals
3D: Coca-cola Christmas Stars
TYPOGRAPHY: Typographic Illustration
VIDEO: Re:evolution TV

Flash Film Festival New York City 2003 Winners:

APPLICATION: www.intronetworks.com
ART: www.1h05.com/diad
CARTOON: oohbitey.com/hh2Window.html
COMMERCE: www.thepowerstation.co.uk
EDUCATIONAL: pem.org/yinyutang/
EXPERIMENTAL: bit-101.com
GAME: www.globulos.com
MOTION GRAPHICS: misssixty.co.kr
NAVIGATION: 3weeksinapril.com
ORIGINAL SOUND: www.sonypictures.com/movies/identity
STORY: humbugz.com/hela.htm
TECHNICAL MERIT: www.shaker.hu/login.php4
3D: www.stxship.co.kr/stx_multi/index.htm
TYPOGRAPHY: perte-de-temps.com/lhorloge.htm
VIDEO: www.wwpl.net/ogilvy/ibm/fusion.html
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: yuko.benq.it

Flash Film Festival San Francisco 2003 Winners:

APPLICATION: www.gmodeler.com
ART: www.1000dreams.com/photography/details/
CARTOON: www.whitehouseanimationinc.com/kunstbar.htm
COMMERCE: www.nikebasketball.com
EDUCATIONAL: www.brainpop.com
EXPERIMENTAL: www.repercussion.org
GAME: www.fourfeathersmovie.com/battle
INFORMATION GRAPHICS: www.moma.org/russian
MOTION GRAPHICS: www.thethirdplace.com/espace/module5
NAVIGATION: www.perfectfools.com
ORIGINAL SOUND: www.dotu.net
STORY: www.canongate.net/pi
TECHNICAL MERIT: www.gskinner.com
3D: www.tokyoplastic.com
TYPOGRAPHY: www.wddg.com
VIDEO: www.eaglef1.com
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: www.mediaramas.com

Flash Film Festival New York City 2002 Winners:

APPLICATION: host.mp4.com
ART: diesel.com/friendshipgallery/works/delight_insertsilence/index.html
CARTOON: www.blackmustache.com/ride.html
COMMERCIAL: www.benettonpaints.com
EXPERIMENTAL: www.typorganism.com
GAME: www.gmaxskateboarding.com
INFORMATION GRAPHICS: www.moma.org/russian
MOTION GRAPHICS: www.gmunk.com/2001_NYC_transit/FINN_QT.html
NAVIGATION: www.hungryfordesign.com/Archive/2002/03/anatomic_exuberant
ORIGINAL SOUND: www.o-matic.com/play/parth/parth_swf.html
STORY: www.colorsmagazine.com
TECHNICAL MERIT: www.randommedia.co.uk
3D: www.whoswe.com
TYPOGRAPHY: www.maxweber.net/eng/eng_flash.html
VIDEO: www.velvet.de
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: www.gmaxskateboarding.com

Flash Film Festival San Francisco 2002 Winners:

ART: http://www.consequences-of-thought.net
CARTOON: www.brokensaints.com
COMMERCIAL: www.miniusa.com
EXPERIMENTAL: www.donniedarko.com
GAME: www.hyro.com/games
MOTION GRAPHICS: www.hungryfordesign.com/Archive/2001/11/mick_jagger
NAVIGATION: alliedworks.com
ORIGINAL SOUND: www.looplabs.com
STORY: www.bulaja.com/FAIRYTALES/index.html
TECHNICAL MERIT: modelspace.lo9ic.com
3D: www.pepworks.com/cyobreed
TYPOGRAPHY: www.systemsoular.com/LifeProgram
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: www.brokensaints.com

Flash Film Festival Amsterdam 2001 Winners:

ART: www.fastspot.com/memoire
CARTOON: www.preschoolprotocops.com
ECOMMERCE: www.billabong-usa.com/store
EXPERIMENTAL: www.flight404.com
GAME: www.bossmonster.com/e4/cricket/cricket.html
MOTION GRAPHICS: www.insertsilence.com
NAVIGATION: www.moma.org/whatisaprint
ORIGINAL SOUND: www.planetofthedrums.com
STORY: www.ontherail.com/site/blackbox/RoshCafe.html
TECHNICAL MERIT: www.flash-france.com/ff.php
TYPOGRAPHY: juxtinteractive.com/deconstruction
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: www.8edge.com

Flash Film Festival New York City 2001 Winners:

ART: www.presstube.com
CARTOON: art-barn.com/act/war.htm
ECOMMERCE: www.flashcan.com
EXPERIMENTAL: www.center-of-the-world.com
GAME: www.titoonic.dk/testarea/spider
MOTION GRAPHICS: www.wmteam.com
NAVIGATION: www.relevare.com
ORIGINAL SOUND: www.hungryfordesign.com
STORY: www.brainpop.com
TECHNICAL MERIT: www.finalfour.net/?//brackets/index/brackets_index.html
3D: www.skyscraper.org/timeformations
TYPOGRAPHY: www.mindsway.com
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: www.electrotank.com/games/miniGOLF.html

Flash Film Festival San Francisco 2001 Winners:

CARTOON: www.estudio.com/shows/index.html
ECOMMERCE: www.usabancshares.com
EXPERIMENTAL: www.natzke.com
GAME: www.simcoaster.com
MOTION GRAPHICS: quam.it/abc
NAVIGATION: www.mtv2.co.uk
ORIGINAL SOUND: www.shockwave.com/bin/shockwave/entry.jsp?content=regurge03
AND: www.cheshiresmile.com
STORY: www.icebox.com/viewer_frameset.asp?show=6&episode=22
TECHNICAL MERIT: www.citi.popwire.com
3D: www.mtv2.co.uk
TYPOGRAPHY: www.bornmagazine.com/projects/walking
PEOPLE’S CHOICE: www.scifi.com.chichian

Flash Film Festival London 2000 Winners:

BUSINESS: www.salomonski.com
CARTOON: www.groovechamber.com
DESIGN: http://madonnamusic.com
GAME: www.coin-op-city.com
INTERACTIVITY: www.requiemforadream.com
MOTION GRAPHICS: www.salomoninline.com
NAVIGATION: www.m3snowboards.com
SOUND: www.bluemondo.com
STORY: www.missmaggie.org
3D: www.designassembly.com
BEST OF SHOW: www.coin-op-city.com

Flash Film Festival New York City 2000 Winners:

ACTIVISM: www.heavy.com
BUSINESS: www.barneys.com
CARTOON: www.bulbo.com
DESIGN: www.phish.com/farmhouse
GAME: www.newgrounds.com
INTERACTIVITY: www.willing-to-try.com
MOTION GRAPHICS: www.yigal-azrouel.com
NAVIGATION: www.yigal-azrouel.com
SOUND: www.submethod.com
3D: www.alphazekko.com
BEST OF SHOW: www.heavy.com

Flash Film Festival San Francisco 2000 Winners:

ANIMATION: www.cyberslacker.com/index5.html
CORPORATE SITE: www.turbonium.com
DESIGN: www.praystation.com
E-COMMERCE SITE: www.kikwear.com
ENTERTAINMENT: www.joecartoon.com
INTERACTIVITY: www.yugop.com
INTERFACE: www.neonsky.com
MOST ORIGINAL: www.once-upon-a-forest.com
SOUND: www.c-creative.com
BEST OF SHOW: www.once-upon-a-forest.com




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