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Free DreamWeaver Plugin: Kuler

inspirational color choices for your web sites
Explore and integrate cool color schemes right from within Dreamweaver
Kuler is the Adobe Web application for designers to create, explore and share color schemes. With Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler, you get instant access to the more recent, most popular or highest rated colors right in Dreamweaver. Sample your color from any Dreamweaver color picker or insert a hex color value into code with a single mouse click – it’s easy and cool with Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler.
Email   sales@webassist.com
Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM PST
800.886.0130 Option 2
Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM GMT
+44 (0) 170.453.3838
Outside U.S. and Europe
Monday – Friday, 9AM – 5PM GMT
+1 760.633.4013 Option 2

Choose from professional color schemes Bring the hottest colors to you
When you need a little help with your site’s color coordination, get the latest color schemes from Kuler, right in Dreamweaver with Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler. Just like on the kuler site, you can view the Most Recent, Most Popular (most downloaded), or Highest Ranked color themes with Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler.
Find the hues and hex values that speak to you Makes color the true universal language
Search for a tag, hex value, creator’s email address or title—or any of the above. Page through your results until you find just the one you want and sample away! Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler is good to go for both designer and developer and works equally well in both Design and Code view. Dreamweaver Tools for Kuler covers the spectrum!

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