4d Planet Earth

The Aquarium invites you to descend beneath the surface of the ocean into our new 4-D Immersion Theater. Combining the drama of 3-D with special effects such as wind, mist, scents and dramatic lighting, Planet Earth: Shallow Seas™ 4-D Experience explores some of the world’s richest coral reefs and shallow coastal waters. Meet fantastic creatures like the unique pygmy seahorse and giant sun star, and be there as their stories unfold. Hunt along side bands of sea snakes as they use cunning strategy to lure unsuspecting prey.

In this epic 15-minute 4-D adventure, hear the power of the ocean’s waves as they crash along the shoreline, and feel the salty spray as you surf the coast with Atlantic bottlenose dolphins in search of food. Glide alongside a cast of balletic sea lions as they dive through vast swirling bait balls of anchovy, and track a mother humpback whale and her calf as they navigate from their tropical nursery to the Artic Circle. Experience the greatest gathering of seabirds and whales ever captured in Digital HD.

Sense the pressure, feel the perils and smell the triumph as you celebrate Earth as never before in Planet Earth: Shallow Seas™ 4-D Experience.  «


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Relaunch is coming in 8 days! Armin Morin

Internet Marketing Explained in 10 simple videos you can watch free!
Check these out, but hurry won’t be posted long!

The Truth FREE Internet Report (PDF Free Report) “Click to download- no registration required!) – My gift to my visitors!
You may also “Right Click & Save As”


With the New Year upon us, people have been discussing what will be “hot” in 2008.

One of the most common topics has been VIDEO.

That’s no surprise really but I think the
difference is HOW video will be used.

That’s why so many are talking about the
significance of this video:


It gives tremendous insight regarding the
emergence of entertainment and marketing
working together in the same video.

Armand Morin has put together something very
similar to a “movie trailer” which is
generating a lot of excitement – especially
when people are finding out that it leads to
a TON of free video lessons.

So here’s what you should do:

1) Watch the video and learn:

Notice how it creates an element of
“curiosity” and draws you in – very powerful
for maximizing conversion.

Ask yourself this – how could I use a similar
approach in 2008?

2) Claim your free video content

After you watch the video you’ll be
redirected to an optin page where you can
claim an entire month’s worth of free video

Armand has already posted 6 videos and he’s
adding more throughout the month of January.

BTW – don’t forget to comment on the blog as
Armand is frequently responding to thoughts
about each video (you’ll see his response
outlined in blue).

That’s all for now.


Take care.

PS – Click the link below to immediately
watch the video:


Marketing Explained (FREE Videos!


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Geeting Things Done – Nozbe


Here’s a cool easy way to track your to do’s.
Basic service is free and the whole process teaches you GTD, or Getting Things Done.

Upgrades are super cheap!


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Gradient Image Maker

Gradient images are used everywhere in web page design, ie, as the background of form buttons, DIVs, to act as shadows and other interesting visual effects etc. We created this online tool to allow you to painlessly generate a gradient image of 3 types, with instant previewing so you get exactly what you had in mind.

Free online tool- Gradient Image Maker

Sample screenshot below
Gradient Image Maker

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Flash 99 Rooms

is a unique internet art project that interweaves wall painting, photography, animation and sound in a manner entirely unknown until now. Shortly after its launch in June 2004, more than two million individuals throughout the world have already visited this interdisciplinary composite work of art.

99rooms stemmed from the mystical, often apolocalyptically charming pictures created by Berlin artist Kim Köster within the countless vacated premises of East Berlin‘s industrial sector. Photos of these paintings were initially produced in digital form and then animated through a cooperative effort between Richard Schumann & Stephan Schulz and then subsequently complemented through a personal sounddesign from Johannes Buenemann. The final product of this year long effort is a scintillating intermediary world which invites the observer into an journey through its morbidly-beautiful rooms.


Enter The 99Rooms Online

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Get Paid For Your Thoughts On Video


You May Not Get Rich But Some Members Are Making Hundreds A Month just for posting yourself reviewing products you already own online.
Click here!

* Thousands have already been paid a total of more than $250,000 to talk – on video – about products they feel passionate about
* Get paid $10.00 for each video review published to ExpoTV
* Get paid more if your video is used on TV
* Enter exciting monthly sweepstakes and promotions

www.expotv.com is for real!

ExpoTV, a fun consumer network where people are talking about their
favorite –and not-so-favorite– products and services on camera and
getting paid for it!

ex video:

Join ExpoTV now so you too can start earning $5.00 for each video product review you create.

Thousands of people just like you have already joined the fun, and some
of them have made as much as $500 a month! Getting started couldn’t be
easier. Just click here:

[ your unique referral link will go here ]

Both you and your WebinFarmation can earn $5.00 for your first published video.

Click the link here so you can register and make sure WebInfarmation gets credit for referring you.

Also you’ll earn money as people watch your videos, and you can post them on your site or blog if you want in seconds!

You just need a camera with video recorder, or webcam.  It’s FREE!

Welcome to ExpoTV!


Manager, Customer Experience

Create as many as you want and get paid when accepted!

ex payouts are below!

  • Art Supplies-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Scrapbooking-$2

Baby & Kids

  • Bathing & Skin Care-$2
  • Bedding-$2
  • Diapering-$2
  • Feeding-$2
  • Health Care-$2
  • Nursery Decor-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Potty Training-$2
  • Safety-$2
  • Furniture-$5
  • Gear-$5
  • Car Seats-$10
  • Strollers-$10

Beauty & Personal Care

  • Bath & Shower-$2
  • Eye, Ear & Lip Care-$2
  • Feminine Hygiene-$2
  • Fragrance-$2
  • Hair Care-$2
  • Makeup-$2
  • Men’s Grooming-$2
  • Oral Hygiene-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Personal Care & Hygiene-$2
  • Shaving & Hair Removal-$2
  • Skin Care-$2


  • Fiction Books-$2
  • Non-Fiction Books-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Technical-$2


  • Must show inside and outside of vehicle. more…
  • Accessories-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Car Audio-$5
  • Car Navigation & GPS-$5
  • Convertibles-$10
  • Hybrid-$10
  • Luxury-$10
  • Minivans-$10
  • Sedans-$10
  • SUVs-$10
  • Trucks-$10
  • Wagons-$10

Clothing & Accessories

  • Accessories-$2
  • Clothing-$2
  • Jewelry & Watches-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Shoes-$2


  • Computer Accessories-$2
  • Computer Speakers-$2
  • Memory, Drives & Storage-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Software-$2
  • Graphics, Sound & Video Cards-$5
  • Mice & Keyboards-$5
  • Monitors & Projectors-$5
  • Networking-$5
  • Printers-$5
  • Scanners-$5
  • Webcams-$5
  • Desktops-$10
  • Handhelds & PDAs-$10
  • Laptops-$10


  • Accessories-$2
  • Batteries-$2
  • Cell Phones-$2
  • MP3 Players & Accessories-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Calculators-$5
  • DVD Players-$5
  • Headsets & Earphones-$2
  • Portable Audio-$5
  • Telephones-$5
  • Camcorders-$10
  • Digital Cameras-$10
  • Home Audio-$10
  • Television & Video-$10
Fitness & Exercise

  • Other-$2
  • Abdominal Trainers-$5
  • Dumbbells & Weights-$5
  • Fitness DVDs-$5
  • More Strength Training Equipment-$5
  • Yoga-$5
  • Elliptical Trainers-$10
  • Exercise Bikes-$10
  • Home Gyms-$10
  • More Aerobic Machines-$10
  • Treadmills-$10

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Need A Baby Name?

baby names
Your personal baby name assistant
Nymbler is the smart baby name guide that responds to your personal taste. Just choose a few names that appeal to you or let Nymbler offer ideas. Then press “Find Names” and Nymbler will start using its expert knowledge to brainstorm names tailored to fit your style.

The Baby Name Wizard Nymbler makes name connections with insights from baby-naming expert Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard.

Ready to find your perfect name? Enter Nymbler

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