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Need Stock Images Try Fotolia!


This service is great – fast search, good images, cheap prices.
What more could a designer ask for.

Oh, you can also upload your own images/photos and sell them to make money!

News just in:
Supports Vector Graphics
Fotolia now supports the increasingly popular vector graphics format.
Open an account for free, buy credits, and download images that speak for themselves.


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Free Domain Names

Can’t beat this deal! Find your favorite today and get started for about a cup of coffee!

Get up to 5 free domains with 1&1 web hosting – Get yours today!



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Nissan GT-R is coming

Winding Road Magazin (see online here) talks up the GT-R.

Finally! Nissan getting back to it’s roots.  Man do I miss my 1992 SE-R.

Enjoy video here.

Nissan GT-R

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Get Paid For Your Thoughts On Video


You May Not Get Rich But Some Members Are Making Hundreds A Month just for posting yourself reviewing products you already own online.
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* Thousands have already been paid a total of more than $250,000 to talk – on video – about products they feel passionate about
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ExpoTV, a fun consumer network where people are talking about their
favorite –and not-so-favorite– products and services on camera and
getting paid for it!

ex video:

Join ExpoTV now so you too can start earning $5.00 for each video product review you create.

Thousands of people just like you have already joined the fun, and some
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Both you and your WebinFarmation can earn $5.00 for your first published video.

Click the link here so you can register and make sure WebInfarmation gets credit for referring you.

Also you’ll earn money as people watch your videos, and you can post them on your site or blog if you want in seconds!

You just need a camera with video recorder, or webcam.  It’s FREE!

Welcome to ExpoTV!


Manager, Customer Experience

Create as many as you want and get paid when accepted!

ex payouts are below!

  • Art Supplies-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Scrapbooking-$2

Baby & Kids

  • Bathing & Skin Care-$2
  • Bedding-$2
  • Diapering-$2
  • Feeding-$2
  • Health Care-$2
  • Nursery Decor-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Potty Training-$2
  • Safety-$2
  • Furniture-$5
  • Gear-$5
  • Car Seats-$10
  • Strollers-$10

Beauty & Personal Care

  • Bath & Shower-$2
  • Eye, Ear & Lip Care-$2
  • Feminine Hygiene-$2
  • Fragrance-$2
  • Hair Care-$2
  • Makeup-$2
  • Men’s Grooming-$2
  • Oral Hygiene-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Personal Care & Hygiene-$2
  • Shaving & Hair Removal-$2
  • Skin Care-$2


  • Fiction Books-$2
  • Non-Fiction Books-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Technical-$2


  • Must show inside and outside of vehicle. more…
  • Accessories-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Car Audio-$5
  • Car Navigation & GPS-$5
  • Convertibles-$10
  • Hybrid-$10
  • Luxury-$10
  • Minivans-$10
  • Sedans-$10
  • SUVs-$10
  • Trucks-$10
  • Wagons-$10

Clothing & Accessories

  • Accessories-$2
  • Clothing-$2
  • Jewelry & Watches-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Shoes-$2


  • Computer Accessories-$2
  • Computer Speakers-$2
  • Memory, Drives & Storage-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Software-$2
  • Graphics, Sound & Video Cards-$5
  • Mice & Keyboards-$5
  • Monitors & Projectors-$5
  • Networking-$5
  • Printers-$5
  • Scanners-$5
  • Webcams-$5
  • Desktops-$10
  • Handhelds & PDAs-$10
  • Laptops-$10


  • Accessories-$2
  • Batteries-$2
  • Cell Phones-$2
  • MP3 Players & Accessories-$2
  • Other-$2
  • Calculators-$5
  • DVD Players-$5
  • Headsets & Earphones-$2
  • Portable Audio-$5
  • Telephones-$5
  • Camcorders-$10
  • Digital Cameras-$10
  • Home Audio-$10
  • Television & Video-$10
Fitness & Exercise

  • Other-$2
  • Abdominal Trainers-$5
  • Dumbbells & Weights-$5
  • Fitness DVDs-$5
  • More Strength Training Equipment-$5
  • Yoga-$5
  • Elliptical Trainers-$10
  • Exercise Bikes-$10
  • Home Gyms-$10
  • More Aerobic Machines-$10
  • Treadmills-$10

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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Here’s a nice simple flash animation & song.
Little different than most – and will certainly
appeal to those 50’s and 60’s lovers.

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Amazing RC Video of Head Controlled Airplane

This guy ads video view to his RC airplane for a fantastic view!
Thanks Ryan for sharing this clip with me.

Other Posts of Interest:
Control Any TV – Yes Even At Your Favorite Bar
Build A Remote Control For Your Shed/Barn

And this:

from here: Radio Controlled Boat/Planes

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Black Gold Wake UP & Smell The Coffee

Looks like an interesting flick!
Official Site Here
Buy it Here


Format: DVD

Price: £9.99

Availiability: Immediate Despatch –

Catalog: ALT112

PRE-ORDER – Release Date: 22nd October 2007


The most provocative documentary of the year, which has already changed
the way millions of people drink coffee, BLACK GOLD tells the story of
Tadesse Meskela and his struggle to keep his 74,000 Ethiopian coffee
farmers from Western exploitation. BLACK GOLD exposes the truth behind
each cappuccino and demands each and every one of us to wake up and
smell the coffee.

DVD Features:

Directors’ Q&A – Al-Jazeera Fabulous Picture Show
Directors’ Q&A with Channel 4’s Jon Snow
Live at Sundance – The Making of the Soundtrack
Tadesse – The Latest
A Message from Tadesse – What You Can Do

Starring: Tadesse Meskela

Director: Marc and Nick Francis

Certificate: E

Year: 2006

Language Options: English / Amharic

Subtitle Options: French / Spanish / Chinese – Simplified / Chinese – Complex

Duration: Main feature – 78 minutes; Extras – 46 minutes

Region: 2

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