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Got Goals? Put up $ or Shut Up!

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Serious enough about your New Year’s resolutions to put money on them?
To appoint a referee and cheering section to check in on your progress?
You can do just that at StickK, a goal monitoring web site where you
commit to achieving something and literally pay if you don’t make
progress. Set up a goal at StickK, like losing 20 pounds in the next
four months, and then decide to put $20 a week towards that goal. If
you don’t make it? Your total cash goes to a charity of your choice.
You can also appoint a friend or relative to be a referee, who checks
up on your progress. Looks like a neat way to turn peer and financial
pressure on yourself to achieve your goals.
[via Web Worker Daily]

stickK promotes healthier and happier living by helping people achieve
their personal goals through the signing of Commitment Contracts. Happier
people = happier world! more…

What is stickK ?

Personal goals. We all
have some, be they daunting or mundane. Lose weight. Quit smoking. Clean
the garage. Call Aunt Zelda more often.

Yet time and time again, we just can’t seem to get it together and
achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. We get discouraged. We feel
guilty about our lack of discipline. We give up.

That’s where stickK comes in.

On stickK, you draw up an official commitment contract that binds you
to achieving a personal goal, be it big or small. By agreeing to this
contract, you publicly state your goal and commit to achieving it. Or,
if grand public pronouncements aren’t your style, you can tell only
people you select. Either way, you’ve committed to a goal and people
know about it – so now it’s your reputation at stake!

To make you accountable as you work toward your goal, you file weekly
reports on your success. (And don’t even think about lying — because
you appoint someone you know as a “referee” to verify the
accuracy of your reporting!) You also enlist as many Supporters as you’d
like to encourage you, via the website, every step of the way. If being
part of a group gives you momentum, you can join a community of people
on the site who are working toward the same goal as you (this feature
will be ready in February). To keep yourself focused throughout your adventure,
you record your progress – daily — in a personal journal.

Want to up the ante? Gamble more than your reputation.
Place a financial wager on yourself. If you accomplish your goal, you
get your money back. If you don’t, your money goes to charity or
to someone you’ve designated in advance. (How about to a foe,
or to a cause you dislike,
for some added incentive?)

All these support tools make you more likely to stickK with it
— until your goal envisioned is a goal accomplished!

Why? Because when people put their goals in writing,
are accountable to someone monitoring them, have a support network around
them, and regularly record their progress, they’re more liable to
stay on trackK. Then there’s putting even your money on the line;
research has shown that people with a vested interest in accomplishing
a goal are two to three times more likely to succeed than goal-seekers
with nothing invested!

So, if you’re ready to stickK your neck out and invest in achieving
your personal goal, click here to find out how to draw up your commitment

What is stickK
How to create a commitment contract
Contract structures
Create a commitment now!


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Relaunch is coming in 8 days! Armin Morin

Internet Marketing Explained in 10 simple videos you can watch free!
Check these out, but hurry won’t be posted long!

The Truth FREE Internet Report (PDF Free Report) “Click to download- no registration required!) – My gift to my visitors!
You may also “Right Click & Save As”


With the New Year upon us, people have been discussing what will be “hot” in 2008.

One of the most common topics has been VIDEO.

That’s no surprise really but I think the
difference is HOW video will be used.

That’s why so many are talking about the
significance of this video:

It gives tremendous insight regarding the
emergence of entertainment and marketing
working together in the same video.

Armand Morin has put together something very
similar to a “movie trailer” which is
generating a lot of excitement – especially
when people are finding out that it leads to
a TON of free video lessons.

So here’s what you should do:

1) Watch the video and learn:

Notice how it creates an element of
“curiosity” and draws you in – very powerful
for maximizing conversion.

Ask yourself this – how could I use a similar
approach in 2008?

2) Claim your free video content

After you watch the video you’ll be
redirected to an optin page where you can
claim an entire month’s worth of free video

Armand has already posted 6 videos and he’s
adding more throughout the month of January.

BTW – don’t forget to comment on the blog as
Armand is frequently responding to thoughts
about each video (you’ll see his response
outlined in blue).

That’s all for now.


Take care.

PS – Click the link below to immediately
watch the video:

Marketing Explained (FREE Videos!


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Geeting Things Done – Nozbe


Here’s a cool easy way to track your to do’s.
Basic service is free and the whole process teaches you GTD, or Getting Things Done.

Upgrades are super cheap!


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Need A Baby Name?

baby names
Your personal baby name assistant
Nymbler is the smart baby name guide that responds to your personal taste. Just choose a few names that appeal to you or let Nymbler offer ideas. Then press “Find Names” and Nymbler will start using its expert knowledge to brainstorm names tailored to fit your style.

The Baby Name Wizard Nymbler makes name connections with insights from baby-naming expert Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard.

Ready to find your perfect name? Enter Nymbler

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Royalty Free Stock Art Pricing

iStock strives to balance the creative needs of our customers with the financial rewards desired by excellent artists.
In 30 days (January 7th, 2008), iStockphoto is adjusting the credit pricing structure in the Photo and Illustration categories.
These changes are detailed below.

<!–2007 Pricing Structure–>

 View My Portfolio

New Prices Image

Photo Credit Pricing

Photo Credit Pricing Bar


Vector Credit Pricing

Vector Credit Pricing Bar


Video Credit Pricing

Video Credit Pricing Bar

Bundles & Credit Pricing

Bundles have been modified for 2008. Credits can still be purchased in bulk for as low as $.97 (USD) per download credit. Please refer to the chart below for details:

2008 Bundle Pricing

Credits Price % Bonus $/Credit
10 $13.00 0% $1.30
26 $33.00 2% $1.27
55 $67.00 7% $1.22
115 $130.00 15% $1.13
300 $325.00 20% $1.08
600 $600.00 30% $1.00
1500 $1,450.00 34% $0.97

*Credits purchased at 2007 prices will be honored in 2008

2008 Extended License Pricing

Extended License Options Images & Illustrations Video
Multi-Seat (unlimited) 50 credits 100 credits
Unlimited Reproduction / Print Runs 100 credits 150 credits
Items for Resale (limited run) 100 credits N/A
Electronic Items for Resale (unlimited run) 100 credits 150 credits

View My Portfolio

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More great finds

Here are some great FREE online Service design tools I found from

Free Online Services

VisiBone Color Laboratory Color Lab    : : :   1,000,000 sessions
Point-and-click color scheming at its easiest

  • Click on the color wheel to the left
  • See your choices side-by-side on the right
  • Hex HTML and decimal RGB codes
  • Text / background combinations automatically
VisiBone Swatch Arrangement #1 VisiBone Swatch Arrangement #2 Swatch Libraries
VisiBone web-safe color wheel swatch
libraries now ship with Adobe Illustrator,
Photoshop and ImageReady, with The
Gimp and Bare Bones BBEdit. They may
be downloaded here for Macromedia
fireworks, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Allaire 
HomeSite and MetaCreations Painter.
Table of all web-safe HTML colors with codes Online Color Chart
All hexadecimal web color codes on screen at once
Decimal RGB version too.  
Also at
Free Online HTML Tags Reference HTML Tags
HTML Tags, attributes and values
in a free online reference.

Taken from the HTML Card
and Foldouts

Free HTML and Color references 
you can install to run fast from your 

Small no-frills “chromeless” popup windows.

Operators of web designer resource sites
are welcome to mirror these.

JavaScript Card excerpt JavaScript
Part of the upcoming JavaScript 
and Foldouts

  • Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Dates
  • Functions, Arrays, Objects, types
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Programming logic
  • Exceptions
  • IE, Netscape, Opera browser
    support color-coded
  • Icons for bugs, diversities, gotchas
Regular Expression excerpt of JavaScript card JavaScript Regular Expressions
Part of the JavaScript Card and Foldouts

  • Literal matches
  • Special characters
  • Character classes (sets)
  • Word and string boundaries
  • Repetitions
  • Search, replace, test, parse
  • RegExp and String methods
Curious Web Characters Character References
All 65535 Unicode™ characters as they appear on your system,
zoomed in or out.  Numeric or alphabetical order.
Web ASCII character codes, single byte 0-255.
Country Code Splist
All two-letter country codes used in domain names.

  • Look up by code
  • Look up by name
  • Searchable

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CSS & Other Design Tools Resource

Designers & Web Hackers rejoice – Dynamic Drive Is Here!

This is the mother of all site resources.
Love it!

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