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Here are some great FREE online Service design tools I found from

Free Online Services

VisiBone Color Laboratory Color Lab    : : :   1,000,000 sessions
Point-and-click color scheming at its easiest

  • Click on the color wheel to the left
  • See your choices side-by-side on the right
  • Hex HTML and decimal RGB codes
  • Text / background combinations automatically
VisiBone Swatch Arrangement #1 VisiBone Swatch Arrangement #2 Swatch Libraries
VisiBone web-safe color wheel swatch
libraries now ship with Adobe Illustrator,
Photoshop and ImageReady, with The
Gimp and Bare Bones BBEdit. They may
be downloaded here for Macromedia
fireworks, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Allaire 
HomeSite and MetaCreations Painter.
Table of all web-safe HTML colors with codes Online Color Chart
All hexadecimal web color codes on screen at once
Decimal RGB version too.  
Also at
Free Online HTML Tags Reference HTML Tags
HTML Tags, attributes and values
in a free online reference.

Taken from the HTML Card
and Foldouts

Free HTML and Color references 
you can install to run fast from your 

Small no-frills “chromeless” popup windows.

Operators of web designer resource sites
are welcome to mirror these.

JavaScript Card excerpt JavaScript
Part of the upcoming JavaScript 
and Foldouts

  • Numbers, Strings, Booleans, Dates
  • Functions, Arrays, Objects, types
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Programming logic
  • Exceptions
  • IE, Netscape, Opera browser
    support color-coded
  • Icons for bugs, diversities, gotchas
Regular Expression excerpt of JavaScript card JavaScript Regular Expressions
Part of the JavaScript Card and Foldouts

  • Literal matches
  • Special characters
  • Character classes (sets)
  • Word and string boundaries
  • Repetitions
  • Search, replace, test, parse
  • RegExp and String methods
Curious Web Characters Character References
All 65535 Unicodeā„¢ characters as they appear on your system,
zoomed in or out.  Numeric or alphabetical order.
Web ASCII character codes, single byte 0-255.
Country Code Splist
All two-letter country codes used in domain names.

  • Look up by code
  • Look up by name
  • Searchable


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