Product Review: Web2.0 Website Toolbox Pro for Website Design Rocks!

This Website Toolbox Pro Rocks!  
A must have for web designers!

Over 30 Generators, Web 2.0 Tools And Scripts,
All In One Software Application Guaranteed To Save Webmasters Time And Money!

Website Toolbox Pro, an award-winning software, instantly generates
color palettes, gradient images, stripe backgrounds, rounded corners,
Web 2.0 (Aqua) buttons, regular expressions, .htaccess, .htpasswd and
robots.txt files, mod_rewrite rules and meta tags. And that’s not all!

Build websites faster, cut development time with these tools included in the Website Toolbox Pro:

  • Magic Color Palettes Generator
    Instantly generate palettes of perfectly matched colors for your design needs. 
  • Gradient Image Generator
    are essential design components of most popular websites. With this
    software, you can create and save gradient images in seconds.
  • Stripe Background Generator
    Create popular Web 2.0 site backgrounds using over 50 hatch styles.
  • Rounded Corner Generator
    Make your tables look professional!
  • Web 2.0 Button Generator
    all your old style buttons with glossy 21st century buttons (aka Aqua
    buttons). Customize color, size and font. Ready to use on your website
    in seconds. 
  • Regular Expression Creator
    Create and test Regular Expressions (RegEx). RegEx’s are powerful
    syntax rules to match, replace or split a set of strings in your
    Javascript/PHP/Perl/ASP/C#/VB/Ruby/Python code, but they are not easy
    to understand and create – unless you use this software.
  • .htaccess File Generator
    users to custom error pages, password protect any directory, protect
    your images or other multimedia files from hotlinking, enable PHP code
    in your .html webpages, and more…
  • Mod_Rewrite Generator
    Turn your dynamic content into a spiderable format, automatically rewrite dynamic URLs to more search engine friendly web addresses.
  • Robots.txt File Generator
    web robots what areas of your site are allowed to visit and index,
    restrict access to your site for BAD bots, tell search engines where
    your sitemap is located.
  • Meta Tags Generator
    Create <meta> tags for your webpages, such as title, keywords, description, author and copyright information.
  • Website Translation Script
    your websites to over 10 languages with translation services from
    Google or Yahoo. Website Toolbox Pro provides you with a script to
    display international flags and links to your translated content.
  • Most popular Javascripts
    Add To Favorites, Anti-Spammer Email, Break Out Of Frames, Countdown,
    No Right Click, Popup Window, Print This Page, Random Text and others.

Website Toolbox Pro Money Back Guarantee
Buy With Confidence

NOTICE: Our competitors ask $30 – $50 for software products offering
only *a single tool* from the Website Toolbox Pro arsenal, such as a
.htaccess generator or a regular expression creator. We’re considering
raising the price to at least $49 in the near future, so order today at
this ultra-discounted price of $29.95.

System Requirements:
Windows 98/2000/ME/2003/XP/Vista, .NET Framework 2.0 or later (you will
be able to download and install it during the software installation, if
you don’t have it)


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