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GenoPal 3.0

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GenoPal 3.0

Color selection is one of the trickiest, subtlest, and most
important components of graphic design. Mis-matched colors can
subconsciously repel viewers and easily confuse the message that a
designer is trying to convey. But color selection is a complex
art/science combination that requires years of patient study to perfect. If you’re like us, however, you don’t have years to dedicate. You want beautiful results RIGHT NOW!

Enter GenoPal, an advanced color-selection utility that can suggest and match colors based on how the mind views color. GenoPal always proposes colors that are naturally harmonious and eye-pleasing.

Want a quick peek at what GenoPal is capable of? Check out the Gallery Page. You’ll be amazed at the results!

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy to use: GenoPal isn’t loaded with
    unnecessary bells and whistles. This simplicity allows your eye to
    select that perfect color without distraction.
  • Create you own palettes: You can now create, save and share your own palettes.
  • Multiple Format Support: Let’s you work in all major color formats, including RGB, CMYK, HSB & HEX.
  • Park Your Palettes On Screen: Quietly park as many palettes in your windows as you need — only the active palette will display color sliders.
  • Rrrr Rmmm Colors: GenoPal provides you with harmonious,
    subtle colors. We recognize that occasionally designers need strong,
    brazen colors for highlights. You can now switch modes to access these
    more aggressive colors.
  • Save as AdobeĀ® (*.ase) and GIMP format: Ensures integration with Adobe Suite color swatches and Gimp. Save your palettes and use them in your favorite applications!
  • Never lose a nice color again: We know how easy it is to get
    excited about creating color schemes in GenoPal, and ometimes and we do
    it too fast. Undo/Redo allows you to go back up to 20 steps.
  • Keep colors you like and explore the rest: Lock the colors you like while you continue to explore the rest.

Take a look at the online demo to get a better idea of how this fantastic application works.


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