SonicMailer Pro

SonicMailer Pro is far more affordable than many other solutions. Why?
Well, we’re not quite sure why everyone else is charging you so much,
but what we do know is we won’t!
SonicMailer Pro includes an exhaustive list of powerful features (the
list keeps growing!) and even offers many features not available in the
other, more costly solutions!  Take Feature Tour Here

Feature Highlights

  • No-brains installation
    Upload the files to your server and run the web-based installation tool. You’ll be up and running in minutes – literally!
  • Custom subscriber fields
    can collect and store an unlimited amount of extra information about
    your subscribers. Furthermore, you can include this information in your
    messages or use it to filter the receivers!
  • No monthly or per e-mail fees, ever!
    get caught up in the others’ offerings! With SonicMailer Pro you will
    never have to pay any monthly or “per-newsletter” fees! SonicMailer Pro
    is a one-time fee and includes free updates for an entire 6 months!
  • IP address logging
    Help protect yourself from potential spam complaints!
  • Opt in/out confirmation processes
    Help keep your list clean and enable the built-in opt-in/out confirmation processes
  • Unlimited subscribers
    Forget other online services that limit how many subscribers you can have — with this software, the limit is limitless!
  • Unlimited lists
    Go ahead, have fun – create as many mailing lists as you’d like!
  • Bounce management
    Tired of filtering through all the bogus e-mails? Let SonicMailer Pro do the work of managing all bouncing subscribers!
  • and so much more!

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