iRobot Gutter Cleaner

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Robot® Looj Gutter
Cleaning Robots

Get the faster, easier way to clean gutters

Reduce ladder work and over-reaching while cleaning your gutters.
Gutters need to be cleaned regularly to avoid water damage, overspills
and ice dams. Plus, dirty gutters create a breeding ground for
carpenter ants, mosquitoes and other pests. Now you can avoid climbing
and repositioning a ladder multiple times while juggling tools and over
reaching from dangerous heights. iRobot Looj makes regular gutter
cleaning faster and easier.

  • Avoid climbing and repositioning the ladder multiple times
  • Works with standard K-style, aluminum, copper, metal or vinyl gutters
  • Avoid over reaching into gutters from dangerous heights
  • Cleans a 60-foot section of gutter in just 10 minutes

iRobot Looj makes regular gutter cleaning faster and easier.
Looj Set Up

  1. Set your ladder in one secure position and place the
    robot in the gutter
  2. Attach the robot to your belt and climb the ladder using
    both hands
  3. Place the robot in the gutter and remove the detachable

Operating Looj
Looj moves in both forward and backward
directions and the 3-stage auger spins in both directions.
Using the wireless handle/remote, you control the direction
of the robot and the 3-stage auger to ensure that Looj covers
the length of your gutters and propels debris away from your


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