And the winner is…

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“Do you placing paper trash all over town out ways the awareness such an act would bring?” I do…

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These green round stickers are sold with a name of “Garage Sale Labels” in the US, and we are amazed that these little stickers could be this expressive to show “Thinking Green” by putting them above a girl’s head and to those things to destroy natural environment. We love the unique approach to the theme. Very creative!

Winning $1,000.00, the top video was created by */FlyingSockMan/* featuring
a unique approach of placing green stickers on environmentally harmful
items commonly found in our community. Second place video was created by
*/Grafismo/*, and Third place by */Another/*. Honorable mention goes to
video creator */Guitardoga/*, who’s video was longer than the 30 second
time limit.

Next up:
The contest now moves to the promoting stage where promoters are
competing for money from a $3,000.00 prize pool. Promoters will be grouped
according to the number of views the video receives through their blog
page during the first month after the project is opened to promoters.
For more information on video blog promotion with Rollmio, visit our
website at


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