Vibrate Don’t And/Or Here The Base With ButtKickers

Buttkicker BK-LFEKit Low Frequency Effect Kit with Amplifier for Home Theater

Ideal for movies, music, and gaming, the
ButtKicker LFE “silent subwoofer” lets users experience realistic
special effects and concert-quality music without waking the kids or
disturbing the neighbors. Rather than emitting loud rumbling sounds
during each explosion or heavy bass passage, the ButtKicker simulates
the “feeling” of the effect through your couch, chairs, and other
furnishings, letting you sense the low without the excessive volume.
The device accurately mimics the sensation of many natural and manmade
sounds, such as earthquakes, thunderstorms, rocket launches, waves,
explosions, tornadoes, volcanoes, dinosaurs, sound effects, and all
styles of music.

The Buttkicker installs easily, including under chair or couch mounting to create a tactile experience.

The ButtKicker LFE (low frequency effects) functions similar to a
loudspeaker, but instead of moving a cone and transferring sound waves
through the air, it uses a patented magnetic suspension system to
attach to seats and floors, thus sending the low frequency sound
directly into the listener’s body. Listeners can decrease the sound
pressure level from the subwoofer to where the kids upstairs can’t hear
it, yet still feel all the bass they want. And as compared to other
shakers or tactile transducers that use voice coil technology, the
ButtKicker is more powerful and more musical (linear), with a true low
frequency response of 9 Hz and a range of 5 to 200 Hz.

To make it
easy to connect your ButtKicker, the company included several other
items to this LFE bundle, including a 2,100-watt amplifier that
connects to your receiver’s subwoofer out, a cable package, and a
chair/couch mounting accessory kit. Simply place the mounting plate
under one leg of a piece of furniture and attach the ButtKicker to the
other side. The kit also includes rubber isolators that sit under the
furniture’s other legs. Listeners can even install the ButtKicker under
the floor to enjoy a full-room tactile experience.

To top it
off, the ButtKicker LFE is virtually indestructible and
maintenance-free. It’s so reliable, in fact, that dozens of theme park
owners, specialty theaters, virtual reality operators, and arcade
owners are using a commercial version of the ButtKicker to boost their
bottom line. So if you’re looking to delight and electrify your guests
with an affordable and easy-to-use full-body experience, it’s time to
incorporate the ButtKicker into your home theater system.


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