Tracking Your Ideas

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Out of necessity I am constantly scribbling ideas down on paper (Post-it notes, napkins, business cards, whatever…) Most everyone has learned that if you can’t capture an idea immediately, it may be lost forever.

Although any old piece of paper will do when inspiration strikes, there’s nothing I like better than writing down my ideas (and sometimes that means transferring them from napkins to the page) in a journal that has a little pizzazz to its design or format.

The website takes vintage and antique books and turns them into eclectic and unique journals. From a Germanic version of a Tennessee Williams play, to the Boy Scouts of America’s Cubmaster Pack Book, to a short and sweet 18-page journal created from Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven — original front and back book covers house acid-free journal sheets made from 90% recycled content.  Page size and count vary from book to book and many have the original front and end pages intact, as well as more than a few of the original library checkout cards in the back.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of these journals isn’t the original elements of each book, but… [continue reading original post here]


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