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you have many hundreds or thousands of e-mails in your Outlook Inbox?
Are you constantly rehashing old mail or does your stomach tighten
whenever you consider your mess of e-mail? Do you feel overwhelmed by
the uncontrolled number of to-do’s you have at work? If so, you are not
This book is currently the #1 best-selling Outlook book
because it helps solve those problems. In the book I teach a fresh and
powerful approach to e-mail and task management that is simple to learn
and effective to use, and which leads to a lot less stress at work. As
a result, interest in this book has taken-off, mostly through
Here is what’s inside:
the book teaches you eight key e-mail and task management principles to
help turn your usage of Outlook into a very productive tool. I show you
simple configuration changes you can make in Outlook (e.g. sort order,
filters, and views, just using Outlook’s pull down menus) that make
those principles work. And I show you how to put it all together in a
simple to apply solution. Most people, within a day or two of study,
can learn to implement this material, and for the first time get ahead
of their out-of-control inbox, and ahead of their over-flowing to-do
If you want to learn more about the book and the principles behind it, visit the book website (www.workdaycontrol.com).
There you will also find training CDs and in-house seminar details that
you may find useful. You can also sign up there for a free Outlook
productivity newsletter.
But in
any case, try the book. I think you will find, as many of my readers
have told me, that it will dramatically change your work life by
greatly increasing your work efficiency and significantly reducing your
workday stress.

“Michael has been called The Efficiency Guru by the Detroit News, and has been written up in the business magazines Fast Company and Investor’s Business Daily
for his unique common-sense approach to e-mail control. He leads
workshops and consults on task and e-mail management, and on workplace
productivity. He has been a management consultant and technology
professional for more than 20 years, and was Vice President of
Technology for Connection to eBay, an Accenture Service. As a
management and technology consultant with Accenture, he advised and
managed programs and projects in the San Francisco Bay Area for clients
such as eBay, Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Applied Materials, UPS, Adecco,
and others. Before Accenture, Michael led the technology department at
U.S. Peace Corps.”


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