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FOOA 2007 — Clickable Video from VideoClix

the information from the speakers and sessions has been fantastic, the
biggest wows thus far were reserved for a sponsor’s presentation. VideoClix
is a software package that allows you to take any video you own and
make any object within it clickable. I might not have a need for this
product, but I was really impressed.


The example, shown at FOOA and pictured above, is a clip from a
James Bond film in which you can click on any product in the shot and
information on that product will appear along side it. Interested in
Bond’s BMW? Click on it for more information. How about Bond’s
sunglasses or his shirt? You can even get a link to purchase the Cessna
that flies into the shot. This is something you need to check out, even
if you have no use for it. The Bond demo and other ones like it are
located here.

It looked relatively simple to put it together, though it was just a
two minute demo, so I’m guessing it could be a little more complicated.

VideoClix also offers full statistics on what people click and from
what locations they were clicking. And all this data can still be
tracked even if forwarded through email.


So the logical question is, what can you do with it? VideoClix’s
spokesperson said it can be used for educational and commercial
purposes as well as some military applications. I can see stretching it
into certain areas, but for me the main use would be the fashion
industry, like in the swimsuit example,
where the viewer may want to purchase the clothes they are seeing.
Other than that, I could see the entertainment industry, like in the Lord of the Rings example, to provide some rich content, but not much else.

But maybe I’m wrong. If you’ve got some ideas of how this could apply to your business I’d love to hear it, and if you want Walker Sands
to help you work with it, even better. I’d really like an excuse to
play with this software. Used for the right reasons, it seems like it
could be extremely powerful.



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