200x Broadband Speed

Now we are talking!  I might be able to finish viewing every page on the Internet by the time I die now… yeah!

Local whiz speeds up broadband by 200 times

By Annalise Walliker

October 24, 2007 02:00am

Article from: Herald Sun

A MELBOURNE PhD student has developed
technology to make broadband internet up to 200 times faster without
having to install expensive fibre optic cables.

Harnessing the potential power of telephone lines
and DSL broadband, the technology will deliver internet speeds up to
250 megabits per second, compared with current typical speeds of
between one and 20 megabits per second.

Dr John
Papandriopoulos, who has patent applications for the technology being
processed in the US and Australia, won one of Melbourne University’s
top academic prizes yesterday, a Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in
the PhD.

Telephone wiring was poor quality and was not designed for high-speed internet when it was created, Dr Papandriopoulos said.

in the old days, if you picked up the phone you could hear your
neighbour’s conversation from cross-talking interference,” he said.

that doesn’t happen any more with voice calls, it does with the
broadband internet – your telephone line interferes with your
neighbours and everyone in your street’s internet.”

Papandriopoulos’ research, which took a year to complete, uses
mathematic modelling to reduce the interference that slows down


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