SpringWise.com Posted This Cool Article on Grey Water Recycling

Garden watering bans are a fact of life these days, and not just in
dry climes like much of Australia and the Western US. But a new
Australian invention can keep lawns and gardens green without using any
extra household water.

The Water-Leech, which
retails for AUD 200 and up is a breadbox-sized device with a universal
hose attachment that hooks up to shower or sink drains. Instead of
letting grey water escape down the drain, a pump in the unit draws it
into a self-contained storage tank. The pump is powered by a
rechargeable battery instead of a wall plug to prevent any possibility
of electric shock while it’s in operation. When the Water-Leech tank is
full, owners simply wheel the unit outside to water their plants.
(Providing biodegradable soaps and detergents are used, water from
showers, baths, laundry, sinks and dishwashers is completely reusable.)

Water-Leech inventor Paul O’Callaghan believes his product fills a
vital need at a time when environmental experts point with alarm at
fast diminishing global water supplies. Though attractively styled and
relatively compact, the Water-Leech still might seem a cumbersome way
to reclaim water. But competing systems used to collect grey water must
be retrofitted into a home’s plumbing, a task which can cost thousands
of dollars.

And even in areas without restrictions, the unit’s ability to reuse
water can help it pay for itself. O’Callaghan says the average
households can conserve 35,000 liters annually, which adds up to a nice
way to keep gardens green and help conserve precious drinking water.
Thanks to his product’s success in Australia, his company is building
out a worldwide network, which spells opportunities for potential
distributors outside Australia.

Website: www.waterleech.com.au
Contact: sales@whatwaterrestrictions.com.au

Spotted by: Wendy Williams


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