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Ex. Audioslave At Montreux Jazz Festival 2005

Yes you have to sign up but it’s free!

And best of all— N’Orleans VOODOO FEST WILL BE LIVE!!

Press release:

12:00 – Friday , 10/19/2007

One of North America’s premier music festivals will be streamed live from
Oct. 27th – 28th

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 8 /PRNewswire/ — The iClips Network, a premier Internet destination for world class content, announced today it will
webcast all three days of The Voodoo Music Experience to be held at New Orleans’ City Park and featuring some of the biggest names in the music industry on its website at http://www.iclips.net and additionally on the Louisiana

Department of Tourism’s website at http://www.louisianatravel.com.

To view the Multimedia News Release, go to:

The festival begins at 12 p.m. EDT (GMT – 5) on Friday, Oct. 26th and  is available worldwide live via webcast, joining a long and growing list of
other concerts, performances, events, films, webisodes, and user-generated content.

The Voodoo Music Experience is a festival like no other, a place where an enormous community gathers annually to worship the music of the world’s most renowned artists. The list of the more than 200 past artists have included the reunited Iggy and the Stooges, Nine Inch Nails, Eminem, Tool, The White Stripes, Green Day, The Beastie Boys, Ben Harper, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and many more.

This is the ninth year for the Voodoo Music Experience and it is now a premier New Orleans event attended by 93,000 people last year. It has grown into a three-day celebration of the city of New Orleans, its artists, and the influence that the culture and music of New Orleans has had on modern music, as well as showcasing the absolute best of the music industry.

“iClips is absolutely thrilled to be working with The Voodoo Music Experience! It’s events like this that got us interested in live webcasts
in the first place. We are also extremely happy that we can help shine the spotlight back on the City of New Orleans and New Orleans-area musicians.

There are great events happening every day in this fantastic city and everyone in America can help out by supporting tourism to New Orleans as
well as supporting the many charitable foundations aiding in the recovery of New Orleans.” Nate Parienti of iClips was quoted as saying,

“www.iclips.net is one of the world’s premier internet destinations for video streaming content and is continually adding to its content offerings.”


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