Ghost Whisperer Another Speed Painting
Digital Speed Painting by Nico Di Mattia (nexx)
Music: The Cinematics “A strange education”


A speed painting is an experience that includes the fusion of many areas: the drawing, the painting, the cinema, the music, and the digital technologies. Its principal objective is to try to entertain the spectator, taking him to an original world, where he could enjoy the genesis and the process of creation of an artistic piece.

Enjoy them…

  Time of working: 6 hours.
  Number of PS layers: 8
  Music: “A strange education” by The Cinematics.

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About This Talented Artist…


Nico Di Mattia was born in Cordoba, Argentina.
Ever since he was a child, he was attracted to the arts, comic books, animation and narration. During his younger years, he drew comics and discovered the unique language that they spoke. In 1998, at the age of 15, he independently published his first comic book.

Because of his passion for drawings and colors, he improved his skills and sought out his own style. In 2001, he entered the Cinema and TV School at Cordoba´s National University. While studying there, he acted as a script writer, director and postproducer for various short films, most of which emphasized his skills with aesthetic experimentation.

It was during his first year at Cordoba´s National University that Nico made his very first “speedpainting”. It was a painting of the poster from “Planet of the Apes”, created on his wall with acrylics. This process, which he recorded on VHS, was accelerated and musicalized, resulting in a performance that he calls “Arte Fusion”.



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