SiteGrinder2 Turn Photoshop Into Sites

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SiteGrinder is a Photoshop Plug-in that converts Photoshop designs to web sites.

For a thorough introduction we recommend the SiteGrinder 2 Zero to Hero Guide. Other resources are listed below.

Maybe you’ve tried building web sites, but found the tools and technologies too clumsy, complex, and full of pitfalls. Or maybe you consider yourself only a designer, not a developer and have stayed away from web tools altogether.  You should know that it’s time to reconsider. The SiteGrinder plug-in
from Media Lab has changed the face of visual web design forever.

You can now designate interactive items, like buttons and menus, in the
same way you design graphics: right in Photoshop and using the skills
you already have. Once you have created the look of a site in Photoshop
just pop open SiteGrinder and let it do the rest.

SiteGrinder will analyze your Photoshop document and produce all of the
necessary images, CSS and HTML files to create a brilliant website ­
all in one step! And the code produced by SiteGrinder is clean and
meets the latest professional standards.

Suddenly any graphic designer with basic Photoshop skills can begin
rapidly developing web pages, or begin producing pages with far more efficiency and far less pain.

SiteGrinder 2 Pro, with its massive feature list that supports
everything from Flash image galleries to email forms, is ready to make
almost any site you can imagine

Best of all, because SiteGrinder works the way you do in Photoshop,
developing and building powerful, exciting web pages is actually fun
and intuitive. (And while most of our customers use SiteGrinder
professionally, they also enjoy whipping out fun small web projects,
such as for a friend’s wedding or other special event, at the drop of a

In fact, SiteGrinder is so easy you can buy it in the morning and be producing pages by the afternoon.

Now that SiteGrinder has taken the “grind”out of producing web pages,
don’t you owe it to yourself and your clients to take control of your
web destiny

It is smart. It has many many features. It is easy to use. It rocks.


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One response to “SiteGrinder2 Turn Photoshop Into Sites

  1. Phil Barnhart

    Actually, SiteGrinder generates non-compliant HTML, CSS that fails on mac and linux, and site structures that are absolutely painful if you later want to add dynamic interaction, mashups, ajax, or other modern web services.

    SiteGrinder replaces web coders like a drum machine replaces a drummer.