Delivers Streaming Video

The Live TV Studio In Your Browser™

Veodia offers the first live TV broadcasting and publishing Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

Using MPEG-4 / h.264 technology, Veodia’s high-end video broadcasting
service caters to both professional bloggers and business users in
search of a simple way of creating and distributing TV-quality video
while preserving full control and ownership of their content. That
makes it a perfect tool for broadcasting through the Internet:
independent TV shows, interviews, music or dance performances,
auctions, training sessions, HR and executive announcements, product
reviews, marketing events, lectures, conferences, speeches, panels, and
many more.

The Veodia SaaS platform replaces the expensive in-house video
publishing solution that previously required multimillion-dollar
budgets, inter-vendor operability headaches and extensive IT support.
Veodia also makes the production and publishing of video blogs and
video podcasts a single-step process.

How It Works

All you need is a Veodia account, a computer and a camera

Veodia was designed with three fundamental principles in mind:

  • 1. You shouldn’t need to be expert in video compression or streaming
  • 2. You shouldn’t need to buy expensive equipment
  • 3. You should retain full control and ownership of your content

That’s why all you need to use Veodia is an account, a computer and
camera. Simply plug your camera into your computer, log on to Veodia,
and press Start to begin broadcasting live interactive TV broadcasts
over the Internet to thousands of viewers on computers and mobile
phones. When you press Stop at the end, the recording is instantly
available for on-demand playback on computers, cell phones, iPods and
Apple TVs.

publishing interface also allows to privately manage content, publish
it onto blogs or intranets, and track viewers with detailed streaming

* Broadcast High-Quality Live Video to Sites, Blogs, and Mobile Phones
* Record Video Instantly for On-Demand Streaming
* Fully Manage Your Personal Video Library
* Easily Create Video Podcasts

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