How Much Electricity Do You Use?

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Wattson is the new home energy monitor that looks rather lovely,
helps save money on bills and allows users the chance to really live a
life of less is more.Wattson interacts with the products
that surround it, enhances users sensitivity to their environment,
communicates with clarity and is leading us to a new understanding of
the notion of home as a machine for living.

How it works:


sensor clip is connected to the transmitter which sends the data
wirelessly to the wattson display. The display is portable, so can be
located anywhere in your home (up to 100 meters away through air,
or 30 meters through walls).

The wattson display unit can be positioned anywhere you like in your
home 1, as long as it is within range of the transmitter 2.

think the best place for it is somewhere in your living room, so you
can watch the pulsing coloured lights and keep an eye on your

Diagram of your home setup

Diagram showing how to insert the batteries
Diagram showing how to attach the sensor clip
Diagram showing the placement of the transmitter

How to install

Step 1
Insert the batteries into the transmitter

transmitter takes 4 AA batteries. Make sure the end of the battery
marked + goes in the end of the tray marked + (makeing sure the aerial
on the transmitter is extended). Then plug in the sensor lead.

Step 2
Attach the sensor clip

The sensor clip can be attached to either of the 2 cables running from the electricity meter to the fusebox.

your meter is a long way from your fusebox (as you might find in a
block of flats), connect the clip to the cable where it enters the
fusebox, so that the transmitter is as near as possible to where you
will be using the wattson display. Simply undo the clip and fit it
around the cable. Make sure the clip top is firm and secure in the clip

Step 3
Place the transmitter

transmitter can go on the wall next to the meter (or fusebox), or on a
nearby shelf if there is one. If your meter is in a meter box, the
transmitter may work best if it’s outside of it. If the sensor lead
does not reach outside, it will work from inside the box but the range
may not be as good.


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