Show off your books on your blog?

Discover New Books

Shelfari makes it easy to see what your friends are reading, what others with similar tastes have enjoyed, and even get and give book recommendations.

Talk It Up

With Shelfari you can easily connect with new and old friends to talk about the books you are passionate about. Join a group devoted to your favorite author or bring your book club online.

Showoff Your Shelf

Shelfari empowers you to show off the books you are passionate about. Build your shelf in Shelfari and then embed your shelf in your blog, website, or social networking site of choice.

Here’s a nifty tool for bloggers to share their interests with their readers easily:

Is the Shelfari widget free?

Yes. Shelfari is completely free. Enjoy!

Does it work on MySpace, Blogger, or Typepad?

The Shelfari widget works on most blogs and social networks, including Blogger, Typepad, Xanga, Vox, and more. Add the Shelfari Books Facebook application to put your shelf on your Facebook profile.

Post a shelf on MySpace, LiveJournal, or WordPress using the Shelfari Flash widget. To create a widget, register for Shelfari, then start a widget on the My Widgets page.

What kinds of widgets are available?

You can put a bookshelf on your blog or a list of books. The bookshelf shows off your books displayed on a shelf. The list view shows your books in a list that adapts to the style of your blog.

How do I add books to my widget?

You can get started by clicking “Get Started” above. You can import from your blog, web site, or file, or simply search for your books. Later on, you can add books to your Shelfari shelf, and they will show up on your widget.

Can I customize my widget?

The bookshelf has a few designs you can choose from. Maybe mahogony is your style, or maybe modern glass and steel is more your style. We’ve got you covered.

The text-based version of the widget can be customized by choosing what content you want to display (title, author, book cover, and purchase link), and the background, text and link colors. This version can be customized to fit in with your blog design.

Can I create my own bookshelf designs?

Nope. But send us your ideas and designs and we’ll see what we can do.


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