Coupons On Your Cell Phone
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1 free used DVD »
1 free rental »

Get $3 OFF »
FREE Appetizer »
FREE Bowl of Noodles »

FREE Cookie »
FREE Coke »
FREE Sandwich »

FREE Shake or Smoothie »

FREE Sub »

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  • Easy sign up
  • Access and redeem hot deals on your phone
  • Never forget coupons and discount offers at home again!
  • See store locations on your phone
  • Get coupons and discount offers when you want them – not as text message spam

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Compatible Phones »

Always with you

Your cell phone is always with you, so why not put it to good use and save some money? Cellfire gives amazing offers from food and entertainment to retail shopping and more. With Cellfire, you are only a few key taps away from convenient savings on the stuff you want to buy.

Easily available

With Cellfire’s mobile technology, you already have the coupons and discount offers right on your phone.


  • No need to clip paper coupons and bring it with you when you shop
  • You don’t have to check email or surf the Web looking for hot deals
  • Quickly and easily navigate through coupons and discount offers by menus — without sifting through your text messages!
Totally private

Your privacy is important to us. As a Cellfire user, know that your information will be kept private and very secure. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

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