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One of’s first posts was about the Serato Scratch Live setup that allows you to DJ using your digital audio files with the classic 2 turntables and a mixer setup. In a nutshell, it allows a DJ to use the analog devices (turntables / mixer) to mix and scratch digital audio files (.mp3s etc). It is a really innovative product that solves the issue with having to carry bins of records to a DJ gig. Now their positioned to enable DJs to easily incorporate video elements into their sets.

I’ve been following a great blog called Create Digital Motion about how DJs are adding visuals to their performances to make a really unique experience.  They just put a blog post up about how Serato is releasing the new 1.8 version of their software that will integrate with their upcoming video software.

Here’s how it works: All of the same elements of Serato Scratch Live are there with the added element of video assets. You can add video files to your libraries and use the turntables to control what is presented on the screen (along with the accompanying music). It’s a really interesting setup and it will open doors to making the DJing even more of an experience for the audience. In the past, expensive software and hardware was required to perform this type of setup. Now, it will be as easy as plugging your laptop into a venue’s audio system and projectors for some really interesting applications. Check the video below:


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