Puzzle Alarm Keeps Snooze A Challenge

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this is the greatest thing I’ve seen in a while. Over time, my body has
found new ways to become immune to the classic alarms (buzzes, rings,
music, clocks that run away, etc.). It looks like this one could be the one thing that saves us heavy sleepers from those “oh crap, I’m late” mornings.

It’s called the Puzzle Alarm Clock
and it’s pretty straightforward. Set the alarm with the puzzle pieces
in the top. When it’s time to wake up, the puzzle pieces go flying up
into the air and an alarm goes off. It keeps going off until you locate
and piece together the puzzle pieces back into their respective
positions in the clock.

I can pretty much hit the snooze button /
reset my alarm in my sleep, but a puzzle. That will take a little more
effort. It will essentially make the whole snooze process irrelevant. 

Pick up the Puzzle Alarm Clock here and kiss sleeping in goodbye.


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