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I wish I had a printer in my apartment. Every time I consider picking
one up, I’m faced with the same problem – space. Today’s home printers
typically take up a large footprint and require a dedicated space.
Advancements in wireless printing have solved the annoying problem of
connecting via cords but, for me, there’s still the space problem.

Enter the printer concept from Ransmeier & Floyd that was featured over at ICFF
here in NYC. It’s a vertical, wall mounted wireless printer. It’s
pretty simple: When you click print, the resulting document / photo is
visible in the display window. Since the unit is mounted on the wall,
it’s out of the way and the display window makes it an item that is
actually interesting to look at. If TVs, stereos, computers, etc. can
do it, why can’t printers?

It’s a great idea and an area
where design innovation has been lacking. In addition to the space
saving setup, the frame concept opens some interesting possibilities
for photography installations.  Overall, a great example where design
and technology can come together to innovate / enhance our experiences
and spaces. Keep them coming.


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