Blogging Tools

and is one of the most elegant web publishing solutions I’ve ever
encountered. Here’s why we use it and why it’s a great solution for
blogs, websites, and everything in between.

  • Interface
    – The entirely web-based publishing interface is very intuitive.
    Everything from the graphical interface setup and update your site
    structure and layout to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) blog
    post approach, the tools are all there. The interaction is intuitive
    and it’s easy to pick up and get running.
  • Modular Approach – Adding features to your site is as simple as adding modules. Squarespace
    has pre-built modules for things like Journals (blogs), Forms, Photo
    Galleries, Archives, Search and it’s easy to rearrange / customize
    these modules to fit your needs. It’s really flexible and up to you how
    you want to use these modules to accomplish your goals. And they’re
    always adding new modules in line with what people are asking for.
  • Consistency
    You can use one of their great pre-built templates and get up and
    running with a site very quickly. Creating a customized experience is
    easy with their CSS editor. Best of all, everything stays consistent so
    you don’t have to worry about how your end results will look to your
    end users.
  • Branding – Squarespace makes it easy to point your domain to your Squarespace
    site. Most modern content management setups will allow you do this but
    it’s a key feature that you need if you want to retain your URL
  • Pricing – Starts at $7 /
    month for personal spaces and $25 / month for businesses. While there
    are more economical approaches, the experience / efficiency that a
    hosted Squarespace
    site gives to a site manager outweighs the costs. Also, if you want to
    scale up or scale back, their interface makes it easy to customize your
    package with additional space or bandwidth.
  • Support
    – Integrated support ticket management combined with timely responses
    from a friendly support staff is a great assurance that you can
    collaborate to solve issues quickly.

Here’s a bit about Squarespace and how they came about:

Squarespace, Inc. is a private software company based in lower Manhattan.

company was founded in 2003 by Anthony Casalena, who, until Squarespace
was born, was utterly unable to find an elegant way of managing his
small personal website. Since its inception, Squarespace has blossomed
into a product that powers thousands of sophisticated websites for
small businesses, bloggers, professionals, and small organizations
worldwide. Squarespace has been mentioned in both the Wall Street
Journal and BusinessWeek, as well as on countless other blogs and news

We really, really hate bargain bin, advertising cluttered,
slow software — Squarespace was started, and will remain, a departure
from this way of presenting software and services. We’re completely
picky about what kind of applications we want to use, what kind of
applications we recommend, and how those applications look and feel.
You should be too. After all — you’re the one who has to use the
services you select day after day.

Squarespace makes software for perfectionists.

 Try them here for a free 30-day trial.


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