3D Printing

Product Overview

The Desktop Factory 3D printer builds
durable, functional models from the bottom up, one layer at a time. The
Desktop Factory 3D printer has a build speed comparable to existing 3D
printing technologies, and produces robust parts that are strong enough
to be thrown across a conference room table!

Desktop Factory proprietary software imports STL files and other
industry standard 3D printer formats, automatically slices and orients
the part for optimal build performance and creates any required support

The Desktop Factory 3D printer measures about 25 x 20 x 20 inches and
weighs less than 90 lbs. The maximum build volume of the initial
product will be 5 x 5 x 5 inches. The thickness of each layer is 0.010

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Lowest priced printer on the market
The Desktop Factory 3D printer, which has a list price of $4,995
uses an inexpensive halogen light source and drum printing technology
to build robust parts layer by layer from composite plastic powder.

Lowest priced material on the market

The cost of the build material is expected to be about $1 per cubic inch.

Durable parts

The Desktop Factory 3D printer builds robust, composite plastic parts that can be sanded and painted when desired.

Tooling — painted Trihub — painted Artistic Knot — flamed Half Coupling — painted Coupling — unfinished
Photo GalleryTo see more samples, visit the Photo Gallery.


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